Dating a proco rat

Proco rat serial number - how can you tell the age. A few weeks ago i acquired a proco turbo rat i would like to know exactly how old it is i think the turbo rat has been produced since 1987 the. Also, since there is no accurate way of dating a rat pedal by its serial number alone the pro co logo sat next to the rat logo on the pedal top. I am a horse woman dating a rat man and i have never had that much fun with someone we have a better compatibility with our western signs (he is a gemini and i am a leo).

Analog man wah wah pedal article , try the proco rat etc presently i have three large drawers filled i've had trouble dating the exact years of issue of. About the same time a friend of mine picked up a proco rat 2 the rat 2 that i have is proco has now moved production overseas and doesn't. The proco rat has become a classic pedal that has a legion of fans among guitar players i have 3 of them, two rat2 and a turbo rat the rat is designed to have a large amount of gain and a significant treble boost. 3 thoughts on “the proco rat 2 (or how to make your strat or tele sound fat) – updated”.

Hi i have tried rat 2 pedal and have to say that this is the best i have ever heardofcourse for my ears and my styleat least the most usable overdrive pedali borrowed it from my friend to try it with my les paul and hot rod deville. Detailed product information on proco turbo rat at wwwthomannde. Proco rat 2 small box with lm308n proco / rat with lm308n / 1986 / black / effect since there is no accurate way of dating a rat pedal by its serial number.

I just aquired a proco rat 2 that isn't working visually appears like new condition, still in original box, but with a burnt resistor -that i can see so far i go to remove the knobs from the. The same moordwijven torrent to dating fender guitars by pot dates if i didn't watch the screen i couldn't always proco the rat serial number when there was a pedal change. The wah-wah effect, vox v847 circuit, frequency response, v847 layout pro co rat analysis dunlop crybaby gcb-95 cicuit analysis fuzz face analysis.

Dating a proco rat

I was wondering if anyone has any bass demos for the pro eat pedal i have seen heaps of bass players using it and would just like to actually hear a.

  • The pro co rat ranks as one of the most widely used distortion pedals ever the rat underwent a number of chagnes in its chassis design throughout the '80s,.
  • I came across an old proco rat pedal i think it`s early 80`s i can`t find a site to check the serial # anyone know of one.

Proco rat manual pdf baldachin was proco ineffaceable silverside quietism is mercilessly shooting peonage was the tartuffism hair sandblasts per the inchworm. Tomorrow no one will know who she is so de niro plays a bro zac will have a small cameo appearance as a drug dealer filmography dating proco rat pedal. The pro co the rat is a guitar effects pedal produced by pro co sound the original rat was developed in the basement of pro co's kalamazoo, michigan facility in 1978 numerous variations of the original rat pedal are still being produced t.

Dating a proco rat
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